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Pug in demin jacket
Pug in demin jacket

About Doris

Doris incorporates Music Technology, Ableton, Logic Pro X  and Instrumentation to produce and perform live music that is influenced by everything from early jazz, blues, funk to current day pop trends, based on  her lived experiences and love of research into music history and sound engineering recording techniques.

In the past, Doris worked for many years as a bereavement counsellor where she incorporated guided visualisation, music therapy, art therapy, animation and short film making into her practice, which in 2009  when Doris was awarded a Master of Arts in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from University of Wales Newport was well ahead of its time.

Doris found that whilst making small films, animation  and guided visualisations with her clients as part of their therapeutic process she needed to compose soundtracks and soundscapes to accompany the clients visual keepsakes. This then led to an interest in composition, learning to play many musical instruments and sound recording.

Doris  is also a qualified teacher and lecturer [PGCE PCET], and has also worked with organisations and schools on community and art based projects and small filmmaking.

Rolling on to current times, Doris is currently studying Sound Engineering, Music Technology  and Performance  at University of South Wales as a mature student.

Doris is always busy creating digital transformations, productions and compositions  for theatre, live performance and film,  soundscapes and working with other artists.

When Doris isn’t performing live, she can also be found in the recording studio,  outside collecting sounds, running live sound … and sometimes she DJ’s.

Currently working on producing  her second album.

Doris is found of pugs, french bulldogs and bulldogs.

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