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Cafe Jazz

End of year showcase 23rd April 2018

End of Year Showcase Event  ... Introducing new talent and compositions. Held in Cafe Jazz Cardiff (23rd April 2018 8pm)


The WAVE - 19th to 22nd March 2018

Theme music Resonate Waves was composed and performed at  the beginning of each  performance. The piece was composed for use in a Live theatre performance  space through  the Front of House sound system  at CAVC.

in addition to performing the theme music, I also organised and  triggered all  sound clips from the sound  desk for all performances at Cardiff And the Vale College CAVC - March 19th -22nd 2018 .

Cardiff Fashion Week 2017

Cardiff Fashion Week

Commissioned to write a piece for the  audience to be seated before the  three fashion shows. This was  to be performed live at the event.

Fashionista was performed for each show, and   was composed with the reverberant nature of the venue in mind.

In addition Ito performing the opening piece, I also organised and triggered live sound for all the fashion catwalks for all of the shows on the day.